Product Development

Product Design and Development

We assist you with developing medical devices for maximum impact.  We will launch forward with speed and accuracy on your next product design idea.  Catapult is your outsourcing partner that emphasizes speed and flexibility in creating viable product solutions within tight timetables.

Suffering from limited resources?

You may have an idea that you think will change the medical device landscape but are constrained by limited resources.  That’s where we come in.  At Catapult we’re hands-on and totally client focused.  We will sit down with you and provide an honest evaluation of your project idea, no matter what phase in the product development process it is in.  Come to us to jump forward with just feasibility studies.  Or get help throughout the whole product realization process.  We’ll happily take on your most daunting product hurdle.  And if you need us to, we will work on-site in your office or lab to ensure ultimate project success.  Think of our outsourcing partnership like an a la carte menu, where you pick and choose only the services you need, wherever in the process you require assistance.


Novel Solutions for Powerful Outcomes

We will work diligently to ensure your product’s success.   We like engineering breakthroughs and we’re not afraid of a development challenge.  Our clients own the rights to all intellectual property associated with any work we do.

We’ll be honest with you.  We promise.

Catapult doesn’t do everything.  Some technologies aren’t in our wheelhouse.  We won’t pretend.  But what we will do is provide a recommendation to work with one of the engineers or manufacturers in our unique engineer referral network.  We are connected to industry experts within many different specialties.  Just ask.  We can provide unbiased recommendations because we are not bound to work with any specific companies.