Dreaming about shaping the future of surgery? Cardiology? Ophthalmology?

Gain momentum by letting Catapult lead your next brainstorming session.

We like trying new things. We like making good things even better.  We pride ourselves in practical solutions that can be quickly transformed into working devices.  And we think between our team’s technical creativity and expertise that we can develop your idea for maximum impact.

We can lead a brainstorm based on anything from a doodle to an almost fully realized device.  We can also guide a session based solely on an idea or problem statement.  We will discuss your specific needs beforehand and draw in any outside experts to give you the full spectrum in terms of specialties and thought processes.

Brainstorms can run from three hours to three days –whatever works for you.  Our engineers all have an in-depth background including hundreds of hours spent brainstorming.  We’ve proven ourselves as accomplished inventors by our numerous patents.  Let us prove it to you by contacting us to guide your next session.